Do you want to be a part of something grand? Are you looking for ideas you would love to support? Look no further! We are on a mission to bring together like-minded individuals who have a knack for upcoming trends.

Our goal is to bring the newspaper and magazine industry together with contemporary automated publishing technologies. By incorporating the blockchain movement into the equation we can find a faster and more functional way to publish. Combining old-school ideas and new-school techniques has brought some outstanding innovations to society thus far.

We’ll start by launching the very first Cryptocurrency magazine with hot topics on how to buy popular coins such as Ripple. We intend to revive the craftsmanship of the written word with the brilliance of modern technology.

Main Features

Our well-established Congress focuses on reaching mutual business goals. We are always thinking of the most efficient and modern ways of publishing newspapers and magazines.


Our goal is to make a useful, fast and highly productive network. With technology on our side, we can easily promise to be precise, constructive, time-saving, and above all reliable.


The Congress will be available and non-restrictive. And we don’t mind sharing our enthusiasm. We wish to encourage people to see the effect business innovations can have on our everyday lives.


This is an exciting opportunity for any company or individual. It can open doors for many other developments and advantages inside the newspaper industry as well as outside of it. Who can tell where this idea will lead you?


When it comes to this branch of the industry there is no better way to go about it than with an open platform and the use of a worldwide network. This experience is life-changing.


We are open to everyone who is interested in what we’re doing. Whether you like our idea, support our cause or just want to witness our goal being reached – you are welcome!


Modern-day thinking has to be out of the box. We have found a creative way to build up two industries – the publishing industry and technology. This mixture is forward-thinking and liberating.

About Our Congress

Our congress is a longstanding tradition which has been conducted annually for over 60 years. This is a social activity which has successfully connected businesses which are all concerned with publishing, production, marketing, sales and the distribution of newspapers and magazines. By establishing this global network we have made it possible for people to share their business experiences freely.

The congress takes place in September or October and lasts for over 4 days. The event includes the welcoming reception as an evening event for a meet and greet. The next event is the Forum which allows speakers and guests to address company delegates on different industry matters. The crucial point during the congress is the Business Meetings. They provide time for discussing mutual business among delegates and clients and an exploration of future opportunities.  There is also the Expo which includes showcasing products and services to attending guests.

Our regular members, as well as non-member companies and guests, are all welcome to join us.

Congress History

Distripress is a not-for-profit association which expands the meaning of press. We bring together people who are interested in publishing, distribution, marketing and selling of newspapers, magazines, periodicals and paperback books.

We were founded in 1955. For over 60 years our tradition has continued to globally connect companies and people with the same business ideas and interests. We pride ourselves on creating a gathering place for innovations and networking in this scope of the industry. We see our accomplishment in bringing together people from over 60 territories worldwide.

Our establishment originated from and is registered in Switzerland thus we remain subject to Swiss Law.

Visit Us

Consider becoming a standing member of our community and follow our ideas. Visit our congress if you wish to be a part of something that will inevitably shape the future. Change your everyday life with inventive concepts and incorporate some modern-day magic to your daily routines.

Broadening our perception is just one advantage we have gained by thinking of new ways to affect our lives. Reading newspapers and publishing magazines have to evolve in a way which correlates to technological advantages of the 21st century. More than ever, we are using the internet to expand the way we look at publishing and reading.


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