Facts You Didn’t Know About Newspapers And Magazines

Through the Ages

When did the newspaper come to be? This model of informing people is older than you think. The idea of the modern newspaper has been present for over six centuries and the idea of public news has been here since Ancient times.

The perNewspapers and Magazinesiodical was established in the second half of the 17th century. Many unauthorized publications were at hand then as they are now. Also in the late 17th century, the States had their first newspaper printed and published in Boston. An amazing indicator of the flourishing of this industry is the fact that by the 18th century there were over forty regularly printed and published periodicals in the United States.

During the industrial revolution, there were significant changes in this industry. In the mid-19th century there was an enormous increase in newspaper printing. In a matter of just a few decades, the number of printed publications had become four times bigger in numbers.


The price of the newspaper varied from age to age. Since the readership expanded it was only fair to lower some prices and make it affordable for every social group.

New elements were introduced to the form as well. Things like banner-styled headlines and comics were eventually introduced to the standard newspaper. The sports section was also not always a common part of a newspaper, it was included later.

Magazines as a Surprise

Internet VS Magazines

Newspapers And MagazinesPeople might not be familiar with some mind-blowing statistics about magazine readers. For example, did you know that more Americans read magazines than surf the internet? This clearly indicates that magazines are doing something right for their customers. Whether it’s the appealing glossy pages or the fun and carefree content magazines have got us hooked. Magazines are by far the most popular form of printed media.


Magazines are far more influential than you would have guessed. Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy a product which is advertised in a magazine than if they saw an ad on TV. What is more, people tend to follow medical advice from magazines more than from any other form of media – TV, radio, even the internet. They just seem more reliable to people when it comes to health issues and fitness advice.

Celebrating Diversity

Magazines are appealing to a wide array of social groups. They nurture a knack for a diverse population and cover many different interests which people react to.

The Rocky Path

Publishing has come a long way. It started off with the invention of paper in ancient China. Paper is the crucial product without which written words would not have been popularized. The next major invention is, of course, the printing press. The machine was invented by Gutenberg in from the 15th century and is a great contributor to the publishing industry.

Newspapers and Books

Newspapers and magazines are published by certain standards. There are usual sizes and forms in which they will be published but the rule doesn’t apply to books. Books can be published in many shapes and sizes.